December 22, 2019 Winter Special 2 - Year of Change

2019 has been the year of change for Games Gone.  Let's share some of your favorite holiday gaming memories, plus the brothers go into detail about the challenging year that was 2019.  Larry and Michael then go on further to discuss their lives and where Games Gone is headed in the future.

(00:09) Greetings (01:05) Reddit Holiday Memories (02:24) SSX (05:39) Family Love (06:30) Let's talk 2019 (08:51) Larry's Brother Battle Success (09:48) Mike's Traveling (11:11) Larry's Career (13:00) Future of Games Gone (16:42) Parenting Solo (17:21) Little Brother Shout Out! (18:33) January 2020 (19:11) Keeping out episodes Live (19:33) Stay connected with Us (21:45) Wrap-Up


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