August 14, 2018 5C - Perfect Dark Shooting a Psychotic Dragon with a Crossbow

We pick our top three favorite guns in Perfect Dark and debate which brother has the best line up. We also compare the Laptop Gun and Farsight, because they are cool.

(00:00:20) Greetings (00:01:18) Brother Battle/Alliance  Introduction (00:02:24) Battle/Alliance Start (00:09:10) Deciding on Games Gone List (00:15:29) Games Gone Final Gun List (00:16:07) Honorable Mentions (00:16:35) Laptop vs Farsight Gun (00:21:50) Laptop Vs Farsight Conclusion

Two brothers, Larry and Michael, preserve video game memories and laugh along the way. Each month a single video game is broken into 5 episodes. This podcast has it all, personal reviews, reacting to internet opinions, stories, and experiences, along with challenges, debates, and alliances pertaining to the game of the month.

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Music is provided by from composer Flippo Vicarelli.