July 15, 2018 4E - Mass Effect 2 Memories

Larry and Michael relive their fondest video game memories of Mass Effect 2. Ranking the Characters, Character Quotes that are awesome or make us laugh, Favorite Missions, we have it all! Plus we share YOUR memories. 

(00:01) Music Time (00:30) Greetings and Gameroom and Come Talk to Us (02:05) Memories: Paragon Punching and Missing a Proposal (06:48) Normandy Reveal & Intro Feels and Sticking to Decisions (10:50) I AM A BIOTIC GOD & Different Intro & Small moments that can be missed & Music Moments (15:55) Constant Fear & Modern Nostalgia & Stoaking Passion (20:38) Let's Talk Missions: Oh Its You! & Tali Vas Normandy & Bright Spots (25:00) I'm Dying & Daddy Issues & The Perfect End Mission with some Bonus Memories (35:06) Fascinating Representation & Triangular Dynamics & Old Pals & Follow the Biotic & Lens Flare Goodness (43:30) Reliving ME2 Beginnings (46:30) Illusive Man is a Dick & Character Selection Screen (50:00) Favorite Characters in Tiers: Top Tier (56:30) Medium Tier (01:02:01) Low Tier (01:06:00) Character Quotes and ?'s: Shepard & Collector Base Conumdrum (01:12:49) Joker (01:14:50) Mordin & Evil Research Good or Bad to Keep (01:18:40) Grunt (01:20:30) Tali (01:21:56) Miranda (01:22:36 Thane & The Dying good for Suicide Mission? (01:26:00) Jack (01:26:46) Legion & Rewriting Ethical or not? (01:29:32) Samara (01:30:15) Illusive Man (01:30:55) Jacob (01:33:00) Garrus (01:35:55) Retro Collecting (01:40:40) YOUR Memories: Poll Results & Streamlined Changes & Fully Realized Depth & Smoking Man (01:53:30) Contact us! (01:53:50) Outro Tunes

Two brothers, Larry and Michael, are on a journey to preserve video game memories. Each month a single video game is broken into 3 episodes. Available the first three Sundays along with their Backlog Butcher journey throughout the year and some additional side content episodes.

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