June 11, 2019 E3 Extravaganza Bringing Back Feels 2019 (Return of Kevin) - Side Content

The big episode is here, all things E3! What were we excited about, what didn't hit the mark, and what games are we now looking forward to? Come join us.

(00:01) A Different Journey Intro (00:20) Kevin the Wise (00:46) Sweet Sweet Intro Music (01:05) Quick Fallen Order (01:32) Xbox Overall (02:35) Outer Worlds (03:17) Gears of Woe (04:53) Halo Adrift & First Party Not Enough Party (07:45) Elden Hype, New IP, Cyber Keanu, Phantasy Freaking Star Online 2 (12:40) Xbox Wrap Up (15:12) Bethesda Lackluster & Dabbling with New IP (22:25) Kevy's Confident Prediction (22:43) Ubisoft Divided for Brothers (24:16) Ghosts, Gods, and NPCs (27:15) Morrowind Tangent (28:18) FF7R Hybrid Beauty, Just Wow & Speculations & Gushing (35:20) Freaking FF8 Remastered & JRPG Love (40:00) Sephiroth Early & Avenger Fizzle (43:00) Smashing Reveals Swords & Animals! (44:44) Bowser Love & Haunting Luigi with Goo (48:20) So Many Games, Adorable Link & More RPGs (54:35) Milking IPs & Artstyle (57:42) Chained to Platinum & So Many Games (01:05:37) One More Thing! & Wrap Up (01:10:16) What Games Are We Buying? (01:15:40) Sweet Sweet Outro Music (01:16:04) Can't Stop Blooping

Two brothers, Larry and Michael, are on a journey to preserve video game memories. Each month a single video game is broken into 3 episodes. Available the first three Sundays along with their Backlog Butcher journey throughout the year and some additional side content episodes.


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