November 3, 2019 18A - DOOM Review A Ballet of Destruction

Time to Rip and Tear through our DOOM Review. Let's talk about the 4 Core Elements and rock out to this excellent OST. Plus Bonus time with KEVY

(00:01) Guns Out (00:07) Music In (00:25) Malicious Greetings Everyone (01:36) Metacritic Niggles in Numbers (02:55) DOOM Music breaks in (03:34) 4 Core: Graphics: Unexpected (12:13) Story: Reversal of the Expected (20:23) Sound Design: Music You Can Feel & The Way Demons Should Sound (26:00) Gameplay: Return of Gameplay is King, for one Brother (40:07) 4 Core Tier (41:57) Bots Dropping Numbers & Only DOOM (46:30) It's Stupid, You're Stupid & Postive Trip to the Past (51:45) SURPRISE (52:02) RETURN: Go Math & Overrated, I need More (57:43) Recommending DOOM to a Friend (59:57) Outro Music (01:00:20) BLOOPIES: Kevin Conversations

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