October 20, 2019 17C - Rocket League Memories

Soccer Car memory sharing time incoming! Is Rocket League's community toxic? Can Larry become a Pro?  As always, thanks to everyone who shared their memories with us! We also share the results of our 1 on 1 battles, along with comparing in game stats.  Come have a listen and share some of your memories over on our twitter or Reddit page! As always, Enjoy!


(00:34) Greetings (01:02) Subscriber Shout Out (01:45) Episode Synopsis (02:03) Top 3 Moments (07:00) Friends (08:40) Brotherly Bonding (09:36) Morrowind Effect? (11:24) Hockey Tournament (15:18) Too old to go Pro? (19:08) Sunlesskahn (22:02) Mikes Angry at Larry (23:41) Gaming to Unwind (29:26) Original Rocket League (30:37) Toxic Community (36:18) Half Flips? (40:12) Brother Battle Results (47:55) Whats on the Case? (54:10) Time to say Goodbye (55:32) BLOOPIES

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