September 8, 2019 16B - Super Mario 64 Evolution of the 3D Platformer

Time for our Brother Banter episode. We have another Brother Battle Showdown!  The meat of the episode is is how 3D platformers have evolved and where Mario as a franchise is heading next.  As usual, we also share what we are playing, and what we are looking forward to next month video game wise!

(00:28) Greetings (00:42) Episode Synopsis (01:30) Upcoming Games (03:34) Luigis Mansion 3 (06:13) What are we playing (08:28) Mikes Making levels for You (09:25) Games Gone Merch? (12:21) Daughter Bonding (16:18) Brother Battle! (32:38) Brother Battle Finish (34:47) Evolution (39:49) Platform Staples (40:47) Banjo vs Mario World (44:42) Odd Number Satisfaction (46:20) Odyssey vs 64 (48:20) Mario Odyssey Episode? (48:37) Open World Platformers? (55:42) 3D Platform resurgence (01:02:54) Mario 64 in today's engine? (01:07:03) Instant Paintings (01:08:50) Wrap-up (01:09:47) BLOOPIES




Two brothers, Larry and Michael, are on a journey to preserve video game memories. Each month a single video game is broken into 3 episodes. Available the first three Sundays along with their Backlog Butcher journey throughout the year and some additional side content episodes.

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