July 7, 2019 14A - Titanfall 2 Review Fluid Freedom

Commence TitanFall! Larry and Michael dive into their 4Core review of this underappreciated game.  They also tackle some internet opinions, and of course hand out some of their own recommendations for people who might want to check this game out.  Enjoy!

(00:21) Greetings (01:04) Shout out! (02:19) Episode Breakdown (04:29) 4Core! (06:37) Poor Merc Design? (09:18) Bad Story? (09:59) BT Cooper Connection (12:31) Timeline Confusion? (15:56) Violin (20:44) Game-play is King (50:59) Controller Superior? (22:39) TF1 or 2 Multiplayer? (25:47) John Wick Feels (27:32) Firebat Love (28:49) Ranking the 4Core (30:54) Internet Opinions (35:20) Time Travel Length? (37:58) Chaining Jumps (41:35) Popularity Confusion (43:19) Recommendations (45:32) BLOOPIES

Two brothers, Larry and Michael, are on a journey to preserve video game memories. Each month a single video game is broken into 3 episodes. Available the first three Sundays along with their Backlog Butcher journey throughout the year and some additional side content episodes.

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